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do universal ao singular
(from the universal to the singular)

This book collects together a selection of lesson transcripts from the key 20th century Brazilian philosopher Claudio Ulpiano (1932-1999).

Inspired by the socratic method and the classes of Deleuze, Ulpiano believed in the importance of conversation and oral teaching. In these transcripts, we can see how his ideas unfold at the pace and rhythm of speech, as he tackles themes such as ethics, morality, politics, metaphysics, time, and matter. He approaches these concepts through art, taking us on a trajectory from the universal to the singular.

Ulpiano thinks with rigour and has an absolute mastery of the themes he presents. This allows him to build surprising strategies to, in his words, “facilitate entry into the subject in the best possible way”. His life’s work was to make complex philosophical ideas understandable for all.

Thanks to the Claudio Ulpiano Archive, in particular Renata Bergo Dutra.

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